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Use our Interactive Music Composer to generate original music in minutes.

Use our API to programmatically generate music.

Simple Licensing

Safely publish your new soundtrack to YouTube.  We generate the music, you license its rights.

As simple as that !

Scalable and Fast

You need that soundtrack yesterday ? You need to add a soundtrack for 100,000 videos ?

We got you covered !  


Get exactly the music you need every time. Specify the musical genre, the length and structure.

Can't be easier than that ! 

iMuze's Music Generation API

Use the API when you need large volume of music or to programmatically add music to a product.

The platform is fast and scales, you can generate thousand of original music off line every day. You can also generate one music at a  time, on the fly, it usually takes a few seconds.

You pay only for the music you generate and that you like ! We garantie your satisfaction and will refund any music you don't like, no questions asked :-)

Add targeted, personalized music to your application, game or video processing process. Programmatically add a soundtrack using your favorite programming language. 

Streamline your audio/video integration pipe line. Every mp3 we generate is delivered with audio/media synchronization metadata.

Interactive Music Composer

Use our Interactive Music Composer to experiment with the iMuze platform.

Start composing original music in minutes, vary the style, the length and even the  structure of the music. It takes a few seconds to generate the music. You can then use it in your video, in your game and publish it to YouTube without worrying about music copyrights !

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